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The ARC-10 System
ARC-10TM System is a wireless, state-of-the-art remote control system that has specially designed features for sports and recreational facilities lighting, but also works well with other electrical equipment. This system uses Remote Control Units (RCUs), the TeleDirectTM Operating System, and ControlStationTM Online Dashboard.

The SkyLogix system replaces inaccurate photocells, timelocks, or more costly remote control systems. Minimize the expense and inconvenience incurred because each physical facility needs to be visited to lock/unlock doors and turn on/off lights. Reduce wasted energy attributable to lights being turned OFF too late or ON too early, from being left on during rainouts, cancellations, etc.

Features include the following...

  • Remote Switch-On-Demand.
  • No telephone wires or other communication wires or cabling required at the RCUs.
  • Multiple zone capability with independent zone control or group zone control.
  • Simple dial up touch-tone override control.
  • Automatically updated for changes in Daylight Savings and various Sunrise and Sunset times.
  • Control field/security/parking lot/restroom lighting, electronic door locks, sprinklers, etc.
  • Can be integrated with existing Facilities Reservation or Scheduling software packages.
  • Control and/or Automate your sports lighting requirements from one central location.
  • Delay-Off and Warn-Off for safety and convenience.
  • Timed-Use functionality for first come, first served courts of play, such as tennis and basketball.
  • Sports lighting is switched on and off based on customer reservations.
  • Turn off sports lighting on any one or all of your parks with one phone call from any location including cellular.
  • Optional keypad control enables confirmed use of a field before lights will turn on.
  • Reporting available for light usage, lamp starts, customer usage, etc.

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