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Remote control and monitoring solutions using existing public wireless infrastructures throughout the United States. Using public networks reduces the need and cost of special communications equipment. SkyLogix implements state-of-the-art control equipment that provides switching capabilities to just about any type of electronic or electrical equipment.

Control Equipment Using...
Control virtually any device using a touch tone phone. Our TeleDirectTM Operating System makes it easy to operate our remote control units with a simple phone call. Use our ARC-10TM ControlStationTM Software to take even greater control of the remote control units. Automate scheduling, make configuration a snap, and store scheduling and configuration history. Access the remote control units using the World Wide Web. Sign-in under the Services link on this site and control your equipment from any computer with a browser and a connection to the internet.

With a phone, using our ARC-10TM ControlStationTM Software, or using the Web and our web site, commands are sent to a SkyLogix Wireless Service Provider. The Wireless Service Provider then sends the commands over the airways to the SkyLogix Remote Control Units(RCUs) with virtually no boundary or distance limitations imposed on the wireless signals. The RCUs, which are located at the switch-gear (circuit breakers, lighting contactors, etc.), receives and processes the commands with its on-board computer. Then, as specified by the command, the RCU switches power (on or off) to the individual zones of sports lighting, parking lot or security lighting, or other electrical equipment under its control.

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